How to use Halving Bitcoin for CFD Trading

The most anticipated event for the crypto ecosystem is 4 days away, while the price of the BTC continues to rise easily. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Bitcoin’s Halving to trade, CFDs are an excellent tool.

About Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin code is programmed to run a protocol approximately every 4 years, the Halving. It’s designed to halve the rate of production of new Bitcoins and reward members working on your network.

During its 11 years of life it has gone through 2 Halves, and today we’re just a few hours away from seeing the third one.

On both previous occasions, the price of The News Spy, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Compass, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution was impacted by this event. Many hope that this time will not be the exception, which will occur in an unprecedented economic environment.

For the miners, the drastic reduction in rewards sounds like a bad thing, but this could only be for the short term. Investors who are betting on the project remain positive, which in itself is already eliminating much of what could be a negative scenario for Bitcoin in the face of its Halving.

Today, we see Bitcoin fully strengthened, able to recover from a recent low of USD 3,850, looking for the 2020 high, above USD 10,000.

Will the price of Bitcoin exceed $10,000 before its Halving?

What is Halving for?
The main objective of Halving is to maintain the scarce nature of the project. The lower the supply, the more stable the demand, or the higher the price of Bitcoin is expected to be.

Although the past does not assure what will happen in the future with the price, it does show a vision of the sentiment of the investors in the face of the deflationary nature of the project.

The conditions are not the same either. While for some, the collapse of the economic system could be beneficial for Bitcoin, others are of the opinion that this asset is not prepared to face a situation as it is. Fluctuations depend on consensus, and what the price shows today is positivity for the future.

Why is it worth investing in CFDs to take advantage of Bitcoin Halving?

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. As the name implies, these are contracts by which two parties agree to make an exchange between the entry and exit price of the asset to which the agreement is attached.

Because it is such a versatile tool, many advantages arise from its use. That is what we will see next, of course not everything is pink, some cons also exist.