Blockchain technology can be approached in competitive exams, according to the Tenders Strategy

Public bids from the Central Bank and the Bank of Brazil may request expertise in blockchain technology.

Public contests throughout Brazil may offer blockchain technology as a theme for discursive exams soon. According to the Contests Strategy, the theme should be charged in contests focused on the banking career.

Thus, the Strategy Contests has prepared a material about blockchain technology to guide the contestants that are waiting for edicts that have not yet been officially launched.

According to the company, some public contests such as the Bank of Brazil and the Central Bank, for example, may charge for content related to blockchain technology.

Blockchain in public tenders

The company Estratégia Concursos believes that blockchain technology will be approached in public contests focused on the banking career and that they have not yet had edicts published in Brazil.

In an article released this Wednesday (16), Estratégia Concursos presents blockchain technology as „a disruptive technology based on decentralization“.

Besides blockchain technology, the article also talks about Bitcoin, explaining the difference between them. That is, besides classifying BTC as a cryptomeda, the text talks about the digital asset functioning as „a payment system“.

„These are different things, since bitcoin is a cryptomeda and a payment system, where the user can perform transactions without the validation of a central entity (like a Central Bank, for example)“.

Testing for a banking career

Some public tenders in Brazil may present issues related to blockchain technology, especially the fairs focused on the banking career.

As an example, the Tenders Strategy cites the public tender for the position of information technology analyst for the Central Bank. For the company, this contest may require advanced knowledge about blockchain technology.

On the other hand, blockchain technology may be present in other calls for tender, such as the Bank of Brazil’s contest for the position of clerk. In this case, the Contest Strategy states that it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about the technology, which can be used even in the writing of the contest.

„Consider a contest for the Central Bank’s IT Analyst. Without a doubt, this is a contest that should charge a deeper level of this theme in its discursive exams.

As a counterpoint, consider an exam for a Banco do Brasil clerk. In fact, the blockchain may become the theme of an essay, but the technical requirement will probably be less profound“.

In addition to the material recently released, the Competitions Strategy has a video that explains how the blockchain technology works, check it out: